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Energy consulting, Energy audit
Engineering design
Electrical products supply
Switchboard equipment
Electrical work
Tube radiant luminous heaters
AERECO ventilation system
Electric heating systems
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Energy consulting, Energy audit
Engineering design
Electrical products supply
Switchboard equipment
Electrical work
Tube radiant luminous heaters
AERECO ventilation system
Electric heating systems

Our products & services

ESCO-CENTER Ltd. runs its business as an engineering company specializing in MEP systems for commercial, public, private and industrial sector in Ukraine and abroad since 1998. The Company provides the ‘turn key’ services: design, mounting, commissioning, equipment supply as well as warranty and after-sales service.

Our services:

ENERGY CONSULTING (ENERGY AUDIT) - energy efficiency and cogeneration systems department offers:

For energy, housing and communalenterprises:

  • Energy audit and development of industrial efficiency distribution and consumption programs of heating and electric energy resources.
  • Automation management systems of energy resources consumption by enterprises and organizations
  • Development and support of energy resources consumption programs, energy saving and investment programs

For state government bodies and local government:

  • Audit of tariff economic reasonability on heating energy
  • Implementation of monitoring system of forecasting municipal communal energy development, realization of local goal-oriented programs
  • Implementation of monitoring systems of budget expenses efficiency in housing and communal sphere
  • Realization of autonomous municipal projects of heat-and-power engineering systems
  • Development task plan elaboration of heating supply systems

In sphere of modernization (renovation) of residential buildings and building of budget sphere: 

  • We collaborate with international funds to attract investments on renovation of housing facilities


Internal utility: heating and ventilation, air conditioning, water supply and sewerage system, power equipment and lighting, automation and dispatching, telecommunication networks, broadcast networks, mechanical annex (boiler house, cogeneration units, individual heating plants etc.)

External utility: water supply and sewerage systems, rain water systems, electric power supply, aerial cable lines up to 35 kV, heating systems, gas supply, telecommunication systems.

Engineering design: cableductwork, transformer substationupto35 kV, pumpingstations, rainwaterpurifyingfacilities, seweragepumpingstation, boilerhouses, individualheatingplants,energy- and heating generating complexes using cogeneration units, three generating complexes


  • Mounting of external networks
  • Mounting, reconstructionandcommissioningworksoftransformer substations
  • Electric installation and commissioning works of external and internal electricity supply systems, external and industrial lighting systems
  • Manufacturing of switchboard equipment
  • Reconstruction of electricity supply systems
  • Mounting of independent power supply systems


Infrared gas heaters and air gas heaters: sale, engineering design, installation,commissioning works, 2 years warranty service, after sales service.


We produce:

  • Switchboards; Розподільчі електричні щити;
  • Introductory switchboard
  • Main distribution switchboards
  • Automatic load transfer switchboards
  • Independent power supply systems (isolated generator)
  • Regulating stations with controllers and other microprocessor technologies


Combined extract-and-input ventilation system is very suitable for individual houses, cottages, apartments and offices. Sale, mounting, professional advices.


  • Moduleequipment(automatic circuitbreakers, circuit protection devices, relays, contactors etc.)
  • Electricalswitchboards(frames for switchboards KAEDRA, PRISMAPLUS, SAREL)
  • Switch ranges and socket outlets (GIRA, LEGRAND, MERTEN, UNICA та ін.)
  • Startcontroldevices(differentialrelays, checkingandmotorprotectionrelays, starters, contactors)
  • Electric motors (ALTIVAR, ALTISTART)
  • Voltagestabilizers(single-phase, three-phase)
  • Controllers
  • Power transformers
  • Control and alarm devices
  • Industrial sensors
  • Bas barsand cable trays
  • Anti-icing and floor heating technologies (DEVI, ENSTO, NEXANS etc.)


  • BAS - Building Automation Systems, BMS - Building Management Systems which include
    • water, heat supply and air-conditioning control,
    • ventilation control,
    • lighting and electrical equipment control,
    • sun-protection control systems,
    • audio-video and multimedia control systems
  • Automated Facility Management integrating engineering , telecommunication and security systems
  • Smart House, Intelligent Building complex building management systems
  • Electric power supply – switchboards, equipment control boards, cable systems, UPSs, diesel generators
  • Lighting systems
  • Sun-protection systems
  • Audio-video and multimedia equipment
  • Structured cabling systems
  • Energy efficient solutions for indoor environment
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